Seven Quick Takes

Hi hello hola! How’s about an old school 7QT today?

My friend Reagan Antonio and I have been talking about our not-so-secret desire to bring back the blogs of yesteryear. So we both wound ours up & launched them into the world this year. Here’s my first ever Seven Quick Takes!

1. When I was in high school, I didn’t know that Catholics celebrated Christmas. It’s funny to think that now, but also sad because I know how deep the misunderstanding of Catholicism runs in simple ignorance.

2. I hereby declare that I hate nut milk in my coffee. I’ll drink it in a smoothie because for whatever reason it works there. I’ve tried too many to count in my coffee and always don’t love it. Life’s too short to drink coffee you don’t love. Black or cow’s milk fo lyfe.

3. I love cabbage in every form but cole slaw. The word & sight of it alone makes me gag. I think people that say they love it are lying to themselves.

4. I’m an Apple product snob. I think their products reign supreme. Exception: I can’t quit my Word or Excel because I can use both of them practically blindfolded and still slay a spreadsheet or word doc.

5. I’ve used a paper planner my whole life – as a student, single, married, working. The Simplified Planner is my all time fave and I’m so glad they exist. I live with my iPhone in my hand and love the pop-up reminders but paper is where it all gets organized & simplified & DONE.

6. I love my in laws. I’m completely and totally #blessed by this phenomenon. I know the stories of hatred exist and I’m so glad I don’t have that in my life. Since John and I attended our first Thanksgivings together a mere 4 weeks after we started dating, we’ve all just been *family* and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

7. The #crunchlife is not new to me but safer personal care is. I’ve been down with food & low-tox home life for over a decade but didn’t care about (or even really know about) products I put on my actual body until a few years ago.

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