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Awareness Creates Change

Something happened a couple years ago that made me question everything. I was embarrassed at first. Then I was ashamed that I was shocked by it. Ultimately, I was glad it happened because it’s helped me grow in awareness and compassion. Beautycounter changed their marketing hard core in 2020. I’d always thought we were a…

A longer version of ‘About Me’
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A longer version of ‘About Me’

“Hey y’all” might sound like a cliché Southern thing to say, but it’s really what we say! So hey y’all! Happy Friday and Happy April! I did a lil #fridayintroductions post over on Instagram because I figured IG didn’t have enough of them… I recently rediscovered my love of wearing royal blue. I hope it…

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oh hi!

I think sharing the stories that make us who we are is a powerful way of connecting with one another. I hope you’ll find some inspiration & connection here where I share about faith, low-tox living, cooking and all the other little things that create my story.

xo, Jessica