It Started with Food

For me, it started with food. The awareness, the label reading, the empowering to take control of my choices. The Whole30 isn’t so much about clean eating as it is about changing your relationship with food. I mean, that’s the whole point of the program and why I love it.

But it became so much more than my relationship with food. It connected me to a community of people from all over the world. Some were clean living experts. Some were all into organic everything. Some were vegan, some carnivores. Some were new & learning right alongside me. I learned that the “easiest” way to #whole30 is to eat clean. For me that means un- or minimally processed meat & veggies & fruit. Better fats, less crappy oils.

Whole30 led me to become a label reading expert. With food. Over the years, I started learning more about other things and began by switching out toothpaste, paying attention to recycling, safety and sustainability in the kitchen (like using glass more than plastic).

For me, a naturally curious person who’s always learning, I watched and researched more about cleaner home products and finally – FINALLY! – started cleaning up my skin, hair & body care products. Now I read labels on everything from the wash cloths I use to the skin care and furniture I buy.

Don’t wait another 5+ years like I did. Start today. Start small or go all in, but start. What are you running out of & need to refill? Consider swapping it with something cleaner and safer.

For me, it started with food. But maybe the awareness, the label reading, the empowering to take control of YOUR choices starts with shampootoothpaste or mascara.

Where are you on the clean living spectrum? Do you know or even care what it is? Do you have everything on lock down or are you like me and so man others, still figuring it out?

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