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I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m Jessica and I’m a Catholic wife in South Carolina. I have been Catholic since 2010 and married since 2011. I have a passion for God and my Catholic faith, family, health, home, creating and a whole lot more! I have always enjoyed writing – journaling, really. I’ve kept diaries and  journals since I was a young girl. I started out with the little books complete with a tiny lock and key (to keep nosy older brothers out), moved onto standard journals and now I’m memorializing life on the internet for the entire world to see. Funny how I went from hiding my innermost thoughts to sharing some of them. Maybe I should write a book next.

I (think I) like to control ALLTHETHINGS but I have learned over and over again that I don’t need to and life tends to work just fine without me trying to do that. Letting go and letting God seems to be the answer. My grandma sent a little laminated note to me once in a letter. I think she sent them to all my cousins. I stuck it on our kitchen cabinet and hear the words in my head often. I almost never act on this, but I remember it often, so that’s a start. I don’t know if she made it up or if she plagiarized it. But here is for all of you who are following this perpetual journey of self-discovery.

God’s in charge, I am not
I’m just grateful for what I’ve got.
My heart is open, my head is clear
I just have to follow, I don’t have to steer.


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More to come

This blog and my social media channels are meant to be a lifestyle blog where I share encouragement to help readers learn more about themselves by my stories and articles on faith, food, simplicity & wellness.

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I spend some daily time on Instagram. There you’ll get more in-the-moment with me. Come on over and say hi!

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